The Rug Merchant By James Michener. Carpet Cleaning Bakersfield Ca. Rug Squares

The Rug Merchant By James Michener

the rug merchant by james michener

the rug merchant by james michener - The Covenant

The Covenant

The Covenant

Adventurers, scoundrels and missionaries. The best and worst of two continents carve an empire out of the vast wilderness that is to become South Africa. For hundreds of years, their rivalries and passions spill across the land. From the first Afrikaners to the powerful Zulu nation, and the missionaries who lived with both--all of them will influence and take part in the wars and politics that will change a nation forever.
THE COVENANT: generations of people who forge a new world in a story of adventure and heroism, love and loyalty, cruelty and betrayal.

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flower vender hill road islamabad dec 2007

flower vender hill road islamabad dec 2007

They come from Central Asia, Iran, Tajikistan or Afghanistan, in hope of better life and peace. Both, peace as well as better life, elude them in current unrest prevailing in Pakistan.

Some people mistakenly think they are migrating Povindahs or Kochis from the book Caravan by James Michener, on their way to Jhelum from Balkh, but they are not. If they ever chose to settle, they would have preferred a neighborhood of their own tribe in the high plateau of central Afghanistan.

A migratory tribe used to visit every winter from across the border from Afghanistan and camped on an uncultivated sandy mound in our land at Sargodha in the sixties and seventies. This year I visited the Farm "Kothi Nawab" after decades and was told that they do not come any more.

There used to be an old woman among them with hardly any teeth in her mouth and wore glasses, so dirty that she would have been better off without them. She asked my father: “Sirdar (Chief), what is your name?” My father told hir that his name was Mohammad A Khan and she held my father’s feet and lovingly kissed them saying “ I knew from your yearly kindness to my people that you must be my son whom I lost decades ago when he was 4 or five years old on one of our trips to the Jhelum river near Khushab”. My father became more hospitable from thenceforth towards that band of Povindahs for as long as he lived though next year the old women was not among the migratory Povindah tribe. She had died.

My father used to tell me that we were Tajiks who migrated to India with Lodhi Kings and settled at MalirKotla in East Punjab.

Hawaii Cookbook & Backyard Luau | Elizabeth Ahn Toupin Introduction by James A. Michener

Hawaii Cookbook & Backyard Luau | Elizabeth Ahn Toupin Introduction by James A. Michener

Published by Bantam Books, 1967. Introduction by James A. Michener.

Kalbi Jhim, Beef Sukiyaki, Ono Moa Niu, Chinese Roast Duck, Island Green Salad, Kim Chee, Kona Coffee Custard, Korean Barbecue Steak, Spicy Sweet Sour Sauce.

This is but a random sampling of the recipes to be found in this treasure house of dining delights. Many of the names may sound exotic - but all are simple to prepare, with ingredients that are readily obtainable.

Here are marvelous ways to use beef, port, chicken, duck, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, salads, sweets, sauces and spices. Here, at last - between the covers of one book - is the full wonder of Hawaiian cookery - dishes that can transform your next patio party into a fascinating taste adventure, and give new dimension to your daily meals.

the rug merchant by james michener

the rug merchant by james michener

Michener's South Pacific

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, James A. Michener was an obscure textbook editor working in New York. Within three years, he was a naval officer stationed in the South Pacific. By the end of the decade, he was an accomplished author, well on the way to worldwide fame.

Michener’s first novel, Tales of the South Pacific, won the Pulitzer Prize. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein used it as the basis for the Broadway musical South Pacific, which also won the Pulitzer. How this all came to be is the subject of Stephen May’s Michener’s South Pacific.

An award-winning biographer of Michener, May was a featured interviewee on the fiftieth-anniversary DVD release of the film version of the musical. During taping, he realized there was much he didn’t know about how Michener’s experiences in the South Pacific shaped the man and led to his early work.

May delves deeply into this formative and turbulent period in Michener’s life and career, using letters, journal entries, and naval records to examine how a reserved, middle-aged lieutenant known as "Prof" to his fellow officers became one of the most successful writers of the twentieth century.

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